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Feed The Birds – Sculpture

Mackenzie Thorpe


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Mackenzie Thorpe – Feed The Birds – Sculpture. Hand Signed by the Artist.

Striking and distinctive, these images convey a universal message in the bold and direct yet entrancing style which is unmistakably Mackenzie Thorpe. They illustrate once again why his work has become so desirable, collectable and highly valued all over the world.


Mackenzie Thorpe – Feed The Birds – Sculpture

Mackenzie Thorpe – Feed The Birds – Sculpture. Hand Signed by the Artist.

Set the World alight

In the early 1990s, Mackenzie Thorpe set the art world alight and that flame is still burning as brightly as ever. Accordingly, a global art phenomenon, he has reached out across every conceivable boundary. Without a doubt, by drawing on the universal themes that unite us all; love and isolation, life and death, joy and sorrow, despair and hope.

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Mackenzie Thorpe is credited with changing the face of art publishing in the UK. Consequently, he has created one of the most recognisable and acclaimed oeuvres in contemporary art. In addition, his considerable following includes the author JK Rowling and HM Queen Elizabeth II. In conclusion, his original paintings, published works and sculpture are held in private and corporate collections across the globe. Collectors of his work come from all walks of life and include famous names from the worlds of sport, music, film, politics and royalty. Many of his prestigious commissions for clients range from The Andre Agassi Foundation and the Elton John Aids Foundation to Princess Anne and William Hague.


A dyslexic child who was ostracised by his peers to international artist exhibiting worldwide. His journey has been both extraordinary and inspirational. Born into a working-class family in Middlesbrough, struggling through school with an undiagnosed learning difficulty. Additionally, doing manual work in the local shipyard by the age of 15. At length, Mackenzie defied the expectations of society with a combination of pioneering style and unbridled passion.


Since seeing a film about Van Gogh, he began to wonder whether he could transform his dream of being an artist into a reality. Finally, his portfolio of work won him a place at art college and he went on to complete a fine art degree in London. Married and with a family to support, he was teaching art for a while, then moved to Richmond, where they opened an art materials shop.
Subsequently, he began to show his work in the window and over time this ever changing art display began to make an impact. Actually, as the paintings sold, word began to spread and soon he had a British manager and an American publisher in his corner. In addition, his images began to appear on calendars and greetings cards and demand spread like wildfire. Finally, the unstoppable force that is Mackenzie Thorpe had emerged out of the shadows.
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Mackenzie Thorpe – Feed The Birds - Sculpture. Hand Signed by the Artist


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