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Westminster View – Original

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  • Original, hand signed by the artist
  • Edition Size: Original
  • Image Size: 13.8 x 10.6″
  • Frame Size: 20 x 17″
  • Medium: Oils – on stretched canvas
  • Price includes frame as shown
  • Free standard UK mainland delivery
  • Full Certification & Documentation
  • See artist biography below

In stock


About Neil Dawson:
I had always loved art as a child and while growing up at school. I continued my formal artistic education at Central Saint Martins College in London and now continue to learn on a daily basis in the studio. The Foundation Course was a very interesting and enjoyable year even though I struggled with some aspects of the course and, at the time, it put me off pursuing a career in art. I had enjoyed the freedom, spontaneity and escapism of painting and the way I could lose myself in the creative process. I did not know how to talk about my work and to an extent I did not want to – I would rather people make their own mind up and take what they want from my work rather than me telling them what they should be thinking and seeing. Discussing, dissecting and, to an extent, justifying what I was doing just seemed alien and troubling to me.

It was an extended period of travel that rekindled my loved of art. Being constantly exposed to beautiful, enchanting, strange, evocative, provocative, bewildering environments with the time and mindset to properly appreciate and reflect on them was a defining experience. Whilst travelling, my camera was my artistic outlet as I tried to capture elements of my new, exciting surroundings. As I got home I dusted off the palette and paints in an attempt to recapture some of the sights and feelings from my time abroad. I quickly realised how much I had missed creating art and have not looked back since. It has not always been plain sailing, but I will never regret giving art another chance, regardless of what the future may hold.

Ideas and Inspiration
I am a very visual person and my ideas tend to come from what I see around me. In everyday life – flicking through papers, watching TV, walking around town – images, compositions and colours can trigger chain reactions, sparking ideas for future paintings. I am always finding torn out references from magazines or scraps of paper with notes and sketches made in moments of excitement and inspiration days or weeks ago, that serve as starting points for new work.

A great deal of inspiration comes from the development and evolution of my own work. I am on a constant learning curve with my painting, even in a disastrous piece I can usually find something – whether a colour scheme, method of mark making and paint manipulation or composition – that worked well and can be taken on and developed in a new work. It is an exciting and evolving process that keeps me fresh, inspired and coming back for more.

I love cities and soon found myself drawn to their colour, vibrancy and energy when looking for subject matter to paint. They are full of both subtly and boldness, of light and dark and are constantly evolving and in a state of flux. For me they take on a special atmosphere and excitement at night and I love trying to capture the lights and movement of a city after dark. I don’t think Ill ever try of the urban setting; there is just so much scope for paintings both thematically and location-wise. Cities never stand still and provide a constant and ever changing source of inspiration for me.

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