Marilyn, Silver Screen - Limited 2 Art

Marilyn, Silver Screen


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Limited Edition Print
Edition Size: 35
Image Size: 40 x 30″
Medium: Giclee – Boxed Canvas
Notes: Hand Finished with diamond dust


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As an artist I would consider myself to be more of a traveller than a settler, something of a tourist passing through. I’ve been for instance through De Kooning county, around Pollock Place, up Stella Street, around Picasso Piazza, along Hodgkin High Street and Hitchens Hill, and many other places in between. I’ve no intention though of taking up residence in any of them, however interesting they might be. I’m searching for my own place. These latest paintings of mine represent a stage on this ongoing journey rather than any definable destination. They are inventions, not cover versions. An exploration, not a discovery. A question, not a conclusion.

As an artist I’m a visual inventor, conducting fiendish experiments in my studio lair. I’m looking to disrupt expectations, to react unlikely elements together, to combine the seemingly incongruous, to cultivate ambiguity and to express the inexpressible.

My intention as an artist is not topographical, but existential. My aspiration is to touch on the wonder and the mystery of things in work that is visually stimulating and interesting and that invites interpretation and contemplation.



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