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Alena Carvalho

Double-deckers and black cabs of London, red trams and terracotta roofs of Prague, white cobbles and yellow trams of Lisbon, majestic domes and pillars of Rome, Paris bikes and cafés, canals of Venice – undoubtedly cliché, but that’s where my mind travels when I pick up a brush!


I love taking photographs as much as I love painting – the two are inseparable for me. City walks with my camera, rain or shine, night and day, is where I draw my inspiration from. Through the lens I love capturing the fleeting compositions of a scene and its atmosphere as it changes with the time of year and day. It’s beautiful watching the rain spilling pools of light and colour onto the pavements or the snow as it falls silently, sugar-coating everything in its path. I am compelled to paint the long shadows printed on the ground by the afternoon sun or the morning fog as it softens the edges and desaturates colours.

​Artistically, Alena Carvalho admits still miles away from where she wants to be but is enjoying the journey. Additionally getting great satisfaction from every painting that brings her a bit closer.