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About Andrew Stewart: Already proving to be a real hit for us at the turn of summer 2019, is this vibrant and thrillingly modern range of works from Nottingham based artist, Andrew Stewart, which draw on traditional Japanese themes for inspiration and update them with a vital modern twist.

Andrew has enjoyed a splendidly varied career in visual arts, taking in a spell at Disney where he worked as an animation designer, and a period as a commercial graphic designer, creating among other things book cover commissions for the likes of Cambridge University Press, Stephen Hawkins and the astronomer Carl Sagen, whose work Andrew cites as a major influence.

These works draw on all of Andrew’s thirty year experience as an artist and designer, gracefully blending themes taken from traditional portraiture and spinning them out with a range of modern techniques. He typically paints with acrylics and inks but for much of these works Andrew uses a 1970’s AB turbo airbrush, a tool originally used for planet mapping by NASA! This unique item of equipment enables Andrew to paint with both near-pointalistic detail, and to also achieve the rich ‘burst’ effect so prevalent in these works, and which lights up each model with real sense of luminescence. We’re sure you’ll agree that they’re out of this world!

Andrew says of his artwork; “I am always interested in new ideas, to experiment with and to go anywhere in the mind’s eye, opening new doors to the visual imagination. Art is an expression of ourselves and the beauty of a piece of art is in the eyes of the spectator”.

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