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Craig Everett was born in 1969, with a wooden spoon in his mouth on a council estate in Bradford, Northern England, in a decade of punk rock, Doc Martins and skateboards.

​Craig first started painting after attending a print and graphic design course in the late 80’s, which led to him working for the next 20 years as a printer’s artist (graphic designer). In his free time he painted Bradford’s industrial streets and landscapes in water colour for a bit of spare beer money, which soon led to him being exhibited in local galleries and his first print release in 1992.

For the past 9 years Craig Everett has been involved (under an alias) in the London ‘Urban Art’ scene, which has led him to do the thing he loves full time and professionally.

​His work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries from London to Japan and more recently in Los Angeles alongside some of the world’s most renowned street/urban artists.

​Craig’s new work embodies all of his influences and features his totally unique style of painting. Delicate fine lines of random spectrum passionately embrace colour and bring to life his ‘Scallywag and Fairies’ collection.