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About Dominique Salm:  Dominique creates a remarkable naturalistic portraits of animal subjects are depicted on a clean white background, which not only creates a dramatic graphic image, but conveys her modern aesthetic. Each image has an almost snap-shot quality, showing her unique ability of capturing the personality of each animal and imparting humour, character and whimsy to many of her pieces.

Dominique Salm an acclaimed wildlife Artist now offers limited edition prints of her loved art that brings a smile. Born in Jamaica in 1972, where she spent her early childhood before relocating to Hampshire. She has always been passionate about art and wildlife. Therefore completing an illustration degree. From there went on to combine her love of both to build a reputation as an internationally successful wildlife artist.

Dominique frequently travels to Kenya where she is lucky enough to spend hours studying her subjects. On a recent trip, having noticed how the elephants vary in shades of red from rolling and spraying themselves in the rich soil out there. Hence, she came up with the idea of using the actual earth as a pigment in her paintings to convey this.

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