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Martin Fowkes has been interested in photography all his life. He has qualifications in a number of disciplines, but his favourite areas have always been wildlife and landscape photography. Martin enjoys photographing in the UK especially in Cornwall and the Lake District. He has also visited Finland to photograph brown bears and India to photograph tigers. His passion, however, is Africa and he has spent a considerable amount of time in Kenya. During his visits, Martin has been privileged to have the services of Joseph, a Masai guide who is now also a friend. Joseph has proved to be an invaluable source of information and he has inspired Martin to encourage others to take an active interest in conservation. Martin Fowkes firmly believes that the power and the reach of photography is an important tool in promoting the plight of endangered species and the magnificent, but often fragile environments in which they live. Martin supports organisations such as ‘Save the Rhino’ and the Guba Dida primary school in Kenya. He also works with ‘Lion Aid’ and has donated images which are widely used by them for publicity purposes and to raise funds for their invaluable work.