Here at Limited 2 Art we are often asked if investing in art is a good investment.

Well it is now July 4th and Covid19 lockdown is starting to be relaxed but what will be the fall out from the virus?

Unemployment may rise, return to lockdown, deep recession, unstable stock markets, low and possibly negative interest rates, the future is so uncertain!!

So is art a good investment? or more importantly is modern art a good investment?

Guess Who Lost The Go In Go For It :: Craig Davidson

Some say “Money makes the world go round”. Others say “Love makes the world go round” so which is it? or can it be a combination of both?

Think of it this way maybe, you currently have £5000 in spare money spend/save. If you leave it in the bank and you might get between £50 and £100 per year in interest. Buy a new TV, great to watch but only worth a fraction of its cost price within a year.  Instead of looking at the latest 70″ TV why not look at a piece of quality art on your wall?

More and more people are realising the items they buy don’t always give them the payback, both in pleasure and financially they had hoped for. So maybe it is time to look again at how they spend their hard earned cash!

Investing in art has always been a tricky subject. You see Kerry Darlington Art, very collectable now and early pieces selling at over 10 times there original cost. You may think to yourself if only I had purchased some earlier but then hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Modern tastes have come so far since the old masters painted. Production styles are different its hard to know what makes an artist stand out.

We can tell you which artists have increased in value. We can tell you who’s work sells but we can’t tell you what makes you tick.

Limited 2 Art have a large array of artists with some very different styles and subject matter. Is your preference Kerry Darlington, Todd White, Fabian Perez, Mackenzie Thorpe, Leigh Lambert, Craig Davidson or maybe even JJ Adams or a Mark Davies? Whichever it is these artists have worked there way up over the years to a level of recognition they previously could only have dreamed of!

So for investment some people like to buy into a name which has been proven to increase in value and made the artist name well recognised and followed.

Also people may prefer to own a piece of affordable original art. People such as Sean Durkin, Rozanne Bell, Ruby Keller, Louise Schofield. These may or may not go up in value but give lots of pleasure.

Investing in art is as much about the pleasure of owning the art as much as the value of the art.

We say to people. Stand out from the crowd and buy art that shows your true self. Dress your home with artwork that shows your personality and gives you pleasure. Be confident in your choices. Buy something that pays you back with a little happiness everyday and maybe, just maybe pays you back a whole lot more in time!!