Know your artist – Sean Durkin

Sean Durkin – Born 1963 – Middlesborough

Sean Durkin with stolen L S Lowry


Sean’s path to becoming an artist is quite a tale.

In 1972, his father, John Durkin stole a L S Lowry from a public gallery. The picture depicts St Hilda’s Church and the Old Town Hall

When arrested by the police his father had a ransom letter with 3 demands:

1     The gallery should have a better alarm system

2     The gallery should open on Sunday to “Allow the working man to get some culture”

3     The local Mayor should raffle his underpants for charity

Sean was 8 at the time. He came downstairs one morning to find the stolen Lowry on the living room mantlepiece. He was fascinated by the atmosphere of the painting and matchstick people.

He did not realise, at the time, how this would have a profound effect on his life. He ultimately became and artist and paints in the Lowry style.

The stolen L S Lowry painting

Sean’s paintings are all original, many of which have the policeman and robber in them to relate to his fathers theft, some now hang on the walls at the world renown MIMA gallery in Middlesborough next to the stolen L S Lowry.

Sean’s take on the stolen L S lowry

Most of Sean’s paintings depict the industrial working towns but has recently ventured into doing pictures of individual people which have become very popular.

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